Who Is Nnena Omali?

NNENA was born in Enugu, Nigeria in a family of five.Her state of origin is Anambra. She attended the university of Nigeria secondary school and currently possesses a degree in Estate management having graduated from the University of Nigeria Nsukka. Her journey to the world of music began from a tender age having been raised in a musical family.Her mother had been a prolific singer and songwriter although she was a practicing nurse and her father who died when she was eleven had been a writer and poet besides also being a university professor and erudite. NNENA in singing, songwriting,prose and poetry writing is an obvious amalgamation of inherited talents. She wrote her first song at the age of ten and her first book at the age seven. Music has become today not only a passion for her but a full time profession. As a writer she intends to publish her works soon.She has written several columns for several magazines.She also currently h ad a column with Modemen magazine. She is also a music producer. NNENA’s  first foray into the entertainment industry was with an album called ENRAPTURE with hit singles titled SO and MISSIN. However NNENA was shot into limelight with the song she did with the rapper MODE NINE called CRY.The song bagged three CHANNEL O spirit of africa awards.Getting a lot of airplay is her new hit single “OLUCHI”.A prequel to the upcoming album.NNENA is an Afro-fusion artist with a difference as she does a remarkable blend of contemporary soul, jazz and pop with folk and ethnic sound .She shares a bond with her guitar which she calls “OMALI” culled out from an ibo word “Omalicha” which means beautiful.She also attaches this to her name as in; NNENA OMALI . In her words she says ” A woman is a creature of beauty no matter which shape or size she is”
NNENA OMALI writes her songs with a passion and delivers them in breathtaking melodies. Her music and array reek of the sweet smelling savor of africa and it’s no surprise that many who love her musicianship and distinct style have called her ‘Ms Afrocentric’.


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